We offer glass splashbacks both toughened and annealed glass with required edgeworks and cut outs to your requirements and can colour match to most standard RAL, Dulux or Farrah & Ball colours. Where splashbacks are fitted directly behind hobs where heat is deflected onto the splashback toughened (tempered) glass should be used as normal (annealed) glass can suffer from thermal fractur (cracking) when the centre to edge has a temperature difference of over 40°C. Where light colours are chosen it is also recommended to use low Iron glass as this reduces the green hue of the glass that can in turn alter the appearance of the colour chosen. The splashbacks can be fitted in several ways, using screws, channels or adhesive. It is important to note that if these are bonded to the substrate using a silicone sealant that it is a low modulus neutral cure adhesive. Never use a solvent based adhesive or a high modulus silicone sealant as the solvents/acid can cause the back painting to either come away from the glass and/or etching of the glass.

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