Our standard posts are Ø42.4mm brushed stainless steel with a 2mm wall thickness and are made to the details below. All posts can either be capped top (no handrail) or have a saddle stem that fixes to the underside of the handrail.

The posts come fully assembled with the glass clamps fastened on, top cap or saddle fixed and base cover on so all you need to do is fix to the relevant structure.

The glass clamps are fitted at 275mm up from floor and 200mm down from top of tube (not including saddle stem where handrail is fitted) The design is such that there is a 75mm gap from floor to bottom of glass and where their is a handrail to be fitted this gives roughly the same gap between the handrail and top of glass.

Post heights

Standard post heights are 900mm and 1100mm to suit internal or external height requirements and the sizes of the relevant posts are as follows: –

  • 900mm capped top post is 900mm to the top of the tube cap
  • 900mm stem top posts are 858mm to the top of stem (allows for Ø42.4mm handrail
  • 1100mm capped top post is 1100mm to the top of tube cap
  • 1100mm stem top posts are 1058mm to the top of stem (allows for Ø42.4mm handrail

Number of clamps

End posts come with 2 number ½ round clamps fitted to the above dimensions directly above each other

Mid posts come with 4 number ½ round clamps fitted to the above dimensions directly above each other (2) and at 180° to each other (2)

Corner posts are as per the mid posts with the exception of the opposing clamps are generally at 90° to each other however posts can be made to suit whatever corner angle you require

Do you supply fixings

No we do not supply any fixings for fastening the posts down as there are many types of fixings to suit various structures, and in order to keep costs to a minimum we therefore do not supply these fixing.

However where the balustrade has a handrail the relevant stainless steel screws are supplied as part of the system and the holes are generally pre-drilled and tapped for these.

Obviously where you have chosen for the installation to be carried out by us then we do supply the fixing screws as part of our installation.